"My work is homage to awkward hugs, accidental touches and open-eyed kisses. The small moments between grandiose gestures that reveal honesty and vulnerability; these are the moments I am infatuated with. Art history has painted us as beautiful, but we are rarely gorgeous. When we border on animals and brutes, we become ugly, forthright and captivating.

We script our lives now more than ever for public consumption. Edited, cropped and untagged, we organize our public image. In contrast, human interactions are distorted, vulgar and awkward. In an age of constant self-awareness, I seek vulnerability and sincerity. By using images of intimate moments, I make a transient action more permanent, sobering and relatable. My work is a celebration of the non-ideal and an exploration of my own unease and awkward fascination with human behavior and animal instinct."




2018 MFA at Washington State University, Pullman, WA

2013 BFA at UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC


Group Shows

2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Pullman, WA.

2018 Future Visions. Vancouver, BC.

2018 WSUxUofI Show. Ridenbaugh Gallery. Moscow, ID

2017 L U V. Stray Galleries. Pullman, WA

2017 Memento Mentori. Gallery II. Pullman, WA           

2017 Shrug Show ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) . Stray Galleries. Pullman, WA    

2017 100 for 100. CVA Gallery. Greensboro, NC

2017 Create New +, MFA Exhibit Online 

2017 6 HOURS. Lodge Gallery. Portland, OR

2016 All Member Juried Show. CVA Gallery. Greensboro, NC

2016 100 for 100. CVA Gallery. Greensboro, NC

2016 Kitchen Sink. Delurk Gallery.  Winston-Salem, NC

2016 Press & Pull. CVA Gallery. Greensboro, NC

2016 Drawing. Delurk Gallery.  Winston-Salem, NC

2015 Gifted Greensboro. The Green Bean. Greensboro, NC

2015 Eye Spy. CVA Gallery. Greensboro, NC

2014 Pretty in Ink Group. CVA Gallery.  Greensboro, NC

2013 New Media. Drawing Printmaking and Photo Exhibition. Gatewood Gallery.  Greensboro, NC

2013 BFA Senior Show. Gatewood Gallery.  Greensboro, NC

2013 The Pink House Exhibit. Pink House.  Greensboro, NC

2012 Multi-Sensory Exhibit. Knoble Academy.  Greensboro, NC

2012 Why We Draw, Gatewood Gallery  Greensboro, NC


Solo/Duo Shows

2017 SNAFU. Gallery II. Pullman, WA

2016 May Featured Artist. Chakras.  Greensboro, NC



2018   Siler Graduate Fellowship. Washington State University. Pullman, WA.

2017   Graduate Travel Grant. Washington State University. Pullman, WA.

2017   John Ludwig Grad Fellowship Endowment Recipient. Pullman, WA.

2014   Regional Artist Hub Grant, ArtsGreensboro. Greensboro, NC.

2012   Gene and Pat Holder Scholarship, UNC-Greensboro. Greensboro, NC.