For the performance, β€˜Can I kiss your hand?’ I present viewers with a handwritten-and-photocopied flier explaining what the project is about. The performance will last approximately an hour. If a viewer chooses to participate, I will kiss their hand and have my friend will photograph the resulting imprint left behind.

Hand-kissing is a futile gesture. It is a symbol of chivalry. It is a gesture of respect and admiration. I am kissing the hands of strangers, friends, students, colleagues and superiors. Additionally, all genders are welcome to participate in the performance. As a female performing a typically male-role of kissing the hand, I am not on the receiving end of the kiss and I am also declaring myself the instigator.

In our technology driven age, we rarely touch one another. It is my intention to give my viewers the chance to feel connected, it is my opportunity to leave a mark.